Steve Jobs greatest accomplishment

I, as many other people around the world, was sad when heard that such a genius had left us. Steve Jobs is now deceased, may he Rest in Peace.

Steve Jobs

I have to say that he gave us the Mac, the iPod, the iPad, iTunes. He is simply the 21st century. I would like to quote Prof. Prashant Mali and his comment on Jobs’ death in TED’s blog:

Prof. Prashant Mali – Oct 6 2011

“Human history is now about two apples, the first one which had fallen on Newton’s head and the second one which had come from Steve Jobs’s head..One sticks us down to our G Force and the other allows our minds to fly…”

That sums up Steve Jobs contribution to the world.

In my view, his greatest accomplishment isn’t engineering, technology or  Apple. It is his vision and passion for life. And oddly at the same time  his vision and passion for the end of life. This made him a remarkable human being and an inspiration and mentor to many of us.

He transformed death… from something negative to something positive. How incredible is that? If death can be positive, then every single thing can be positive. So keep faith, follow your heart and never give up because in the end, it will all be OK.

I want to finish this post with Steve Job’s Standford University speech in 2005. if you have already seen it, I would like to remind you the message… if you have not seen it, I would like you to see it… consider it as a gift.

Thank you Steve Jobs. Your words resound in our entrepreneur hearts.


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