One of the best startup videos you have seen

I found this entrepreneurial “Jewel” through an entrepreneur and friend that posted it on Facebook.

Mashable Business wrote an article about one of the most original and effective startup marketing campaigns even done. The Company: Dollar Shave Club, the product: Saving money buying simple and effective blades for 1$ a month, the idea behind the campaign: appropriate humor while mirroring the great success of “Old Spice” marketing viral and good timing to get people’s attention and thus, awareness, relevance and purchase intentions.

5 seconds after the video begins, you simply realize the geniality of this company. The video gets the message across in a flawless and funny way that makes the viewer want to share it and take action. Plus, the product is rather attractive by itself: It solves a simple daily, universal and human issue in a comfortable and economical way.

Bravo for Dollar Shave Club. This campaign is already a success since the company has just scored its first $1 million in funding from well-known VCs like Andreesen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins. I am confident they will revolutionize the low-cost shave blades, perhaps scare Gillette for a while although their brand is very strong… but what else can they do with blades really? Make them fly all over your face? It is time they invest their money in more innovative solutions than just 5 or 6 or 7 blades at a time in one pretty package. Shaving foam sounds like a good way to go for Gillette.

A little reflexion to why this campaign is successful. These are the 5 elements I believe made the difference:

1) The communication mirrors a successful campaign for both men and women that is related to personal care (their product)

2) They mirror a funny and playful campaign, which gives them the chance to be funny and playful as well and not seem stupid. Plus their pitch is excellent and the script is vibrant and brilliant: funny enough to want to share it and serious enough to get the message across.

3) The timing is great, the Old Spice campaign is still fresh and it is remembered very well.

4) The product is demanded: blades for 1$ a month at your door. Simple, real and cheap.

5) The Club. They included the community and “tribal” concept into the campaign, which I am sure will help them increase their awareness, get more leads and purchase intentions of the product.

Can you find more take aways from this campaign? Why do you think it is successful?

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