Mirror advertising, friend or foe?

Mirror advertising, friend or foe?


(Source: puro marketing)

I believe Friend. Mirror advertising reminds me of the first time I read about Neuromarketing while reading @MartinLindstrom ‘s best seller Buyology. Mirror neurons fire when we do something or see someone else performing an action (and these neurons are the ones in charge of recreating the action in our minds as if we were doing it ourselves). Another aspect to take into account is that the more we see or visualize ourselves doing something, the more we desire to do/have it.

To me, this is where the brilliant logic of mirror advertising comes up. As this guerrilla advertising allows us to visualize ourselves very quickly being behind the looking glass of a TV show, being put in jail for drunk driving or driving our truck in the middle of the brazilian jungle. Another success factor I am able to identify of this kind of guerrilla marketing is CONTEXT… for instance, the drunk driving guerrilla adverting in a nightclub’s restroom…


(Source: puro marketing)

…Driving our truck in the middle of the brazilian jungle in a men’s room: ego material! great context… Image

(Source: puro marketing)

Problems if this type of advertising?? Location, location, location… advertisers have to be really smart about were to put this as context is a big part of its success.

So, friend or foe? Have you seen this in person?? Share your experience with us!!!

Source: @puromarketing – Ambient Marketing

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