Cognitive Media: Communicating effectively to the new generations

Cognitive Media is a company based in the UK that is innovating in how to communicate effectively and get a message across modern audiences. They do scribing, visual synthesis and visual communication to empower the message and turn the public into good listeners. I believe this is truly innovative and it could change the way lectures are given at schools and universities, how companies explain their business and projects to stakeholders and shareholders. In this video, Professor Philip Zimbardo elaborates on his very interesting theory “The secret powers of time” where he conveys how our personal perception of time (past, present or future) deeply affects our lives.

Another example of this visually aid communication is that of a quite unique company called Terracycle. At their website they explain how the company operates and most importantly why they do what they do in a quite interesting and fun way. This is also an innovative company that is keen to do things in new and logical ways.

I am certain there are many examples out there of how things are changing with communication as technology evolves and people’s perceptions and behaviours shift from one generation to the next.


4 thoughts on “Cognitive Media: Communicating effectively to the new generations

  1. Hey CabralGoat!! I totally agree with you in your post about how thing are evolving and how technology its giving us the power to be the ones who generates de content and share it with the world with just one click. In this revolution we are the ones that write the story and thats a power we have never had before…cant wait to see whats next!

    Thank u for sharing!!

    • Hey Carocabral,
      I am very pleased with your comment. Autonomy is one of human’s best motivators, and definitely being “in control” of the content, communications, etc. increases our motivation levels and possibly, makes us humans happier. In addition, and in my opinion, sharing our thoughts and generating content makes us feel immortal- in a way- and that what we do, matters to the world.
      I hope to keep reading from you all.
      Thanks for commenting!

    • Hello Michael,
      I am glad you enjoyed the article, it is a quite fascinating topic. I know LUKEW ( goes deeper in visual communication subjects and concepts. For instance -and in relation to cognitive media – he does use some communication techniques such as sketching – check out There are many journals out there about cuttingedge communication & media that you can look up, google VISUAL COMMUNICATION and you will be able to find out a bit more about these new ways of communication.
      I hope this is useful.

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