I (Blank) New York: “Follow Your Heart” new summer campaign!

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I love New York and I love its new campaign: I (blank) NY. As one of many follow-up campaigns of the best place marketing campaign ever made, this summer the State of New York is replacing the “Love” with an entertainment/sports/educational/fascination activity (for example) I “Kayaking!” NY.

The idea behind the campaign is to promote the State of New York as an attractive and innovative destination that can offer much more than the classic Manhattan city brake holiday for both the National and International traveller. You can do everything and anything in the State, it really has a lot to offer that people don´t know of. When I see this, I believe they are using a very successful campaign (I LOVE NY) to reposition the destination and increase awareness of the whole State as an attractive and diverse travel destination.

What would you recommend a traveller to do in the State of New York?

Source: http://www.brandchannel.com/home/post/2012/06/01/I-Heart-NY-Campaign-Summer-060112.aspx

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